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Posted December 3rd

Branding and Communications Manager

New York, NY



Zaro’s Family Bakery


Retailer and Production and Manufacturing

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Posted December 3rd

Branding and Communications Manager

New York, NY








Full Time

About The Position
Zaro’s story began in 1927 when Joseph Zaro brought the baking traditions from his hometown of Lublin, Poland to his first bakery in the Bronx. More than 90 years and four generations later, the company is still run by the Zaro Family.
Zaro’s Family Bakery 
Branding & Communications Manager
Company Background:
Zaro’s story began in 1927 when Joseph Zaro brought the baking traditions from his hometown of Lublin, Poland to his first bakery in the Bronx. More than 90 years later, his bakery legacy continues with ten locations in New York & New Jersey. After four generations, the company is still run by the Zaro Family. 
Our mission is to continue to tell the story of our fresh baked goods from the perspective of a true New York, fourth-generation bakery, while showcasing the dynamic personalities of this whacky family and team. As a company we strive to be an integrated part of commuters’ everyday life and a destination of tourists alike by adding value to a customer’s experience with warm and personable hospitality.   
You are a creative visionary who is passionate about the power of brand, customer experience, and hospitality. You are self-motivated and don’t fit into a one-dimensional cookie cutter mold (pun intended). You are dynamic and have the ability to adapt in situations outside of your comfort zone even if it means wearing different hats within the company. You thrive in complex environments, embrace change and have the ability to problem solve and learn on your own. Even if you don’t have the resources—you find the way to get things done. You are an accomplished multi-tasker and have the ability to switch gears yet remain organized and focused. You are meticulous and detail oriented. You understand how to prioritize project, delegate and push back when necessary. You are a leader, driven by your contagious passion and love for hospitality and desire to create meaningful impact for the growth of this company. 
·      Create and manage annual marketing budget with CFO
·      Manage brand identity and creative direction across all platforms online and offline
·      Create and manage execution of all content (including website, Facebook & Instagram) and in-store store activations
·      Track social media analytics on a weekly & monthly basis
·      Manage reputation sites (Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, customer complaints)
·      Manage website updates
·      Work closely with head of production for the development of new product launches & campaigns 
·      Manage relationships with third party vendors including graphic designers, video producers, content creators, PR agency, Zaro’s app account manager, account manager, print services
·      Proactively search for event opportunities that are relevant to Zaro’s from a brand awareness perspective 
·      Manage event logistics and execution 
·      Manage new store opening logistics (may include anything from assisting with look and feel of new store, hosting media, setting up influencer opportunities)
·      Build relationship with influencers and be in constant communication about product launches, promotions and more
·      Create and mange reward program via Zaro’s app 
·      Track reward program campaigns and Zaro’s database growth  
·      Create and manage email blast calendar
·      Track success of open and click rates for email blasts
·      Manage relationship with non-profit organizations
·      Work closely with retail team in developing in-store promotions and the metrics to view success. 
·      Work closely with wholesale to create relevant marketing material and co-branding opportunities with retailers.
·      Create content for catering team on a monthly basis in order to assist in catering growth opportunities 
·      Communicate on a weekly basis with store managers about new products, campaigns and promotions
·      Develop training tools for team members in order to streamline all marketing efforts 
Ideal candidate will have:
·      3+ years’ experience working in digital communications
·      Ability to work flexible hours, including morning and evenings 
·      Experience in the hospitality industry
·      Excellent written & verbal communication skills
·      Ability to travel to all store locations as necessary
·      Photography, Photoshop and InDesign skills
·      Understanding of Google Analytics, SEO & Paid Search 
·      Experience in event management 
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New York, NY
Function Details
  • Reports To President
  • Direct Reports 2